Can humans drink too much water?



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    Yes, there is such a thing as overhydration which can cause serious health problems, even death. Some recreational drugs taken today such as ecstasy can inhibit a person’s ability to go to the bathroom. However, many people participate in dehydrating activities on this drug at the same time, such as dancing in crowded places. Some worry they will dehydrate on this drug, which is also a concern, but then drink too much water because their body cannot expel it in time. People with heart, kidney, and liver disease are also susceptible to this problem. 

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    Overhydration occurs much more frequently in those with heart, kidney or liver disorders because these disorders can prevent the kidneys from excreting water normally.  In a human with normally-functioning kidneys, overhydration would require regularly drinking about six GALLONS of water a day.

    The main danger of overhydration is an imbalance between the body’s water and sodium levels – too much water equals not enough sodium.  Low levels of sodium in the blood is known as hyponatremia, which can result in muscle twitches or seizures.

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    In 2007, radio station KDND held a contest called “hold your wee for a wii.” The point was that whoever could drink the most water and not go to the restroom would win a wii. One of the contestants, Jennifer Strange actually died from this contest and her family sued the station.

    In the early 1990’s, a Leah Betts died from drinking 7 litres of water while trying to rehydrate herself after she took an ecstacy pill.

    Just a couple examples of that happening!

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