Can global warming be averted?



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    Not completely; there are more variables at stake than what the popular opinion really believes.  It can be slowed down, but that would mean that the world should actually be responsible, which is not likely at all.

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    Yes, scientists have concluded that global warming can be stopped. However, fundamental shifts need to occur in the next few DECADES! A major change from the oil-dependent economies of today is just the beginning. Wind and biofuels will need to replace coal as soon as possible. Of course there would be a large economic burden is these sudden changes are made and as we know it’s unlikely everyone will be pleased to see their stocks and profit go down with the promise of future benefits.

    But yes, global warming can be averted if the whole world gets on board.

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    We can definitely take measures that will slow down carbon emissions and global climate change.  Awareness is the first step that needs to take place.  To truly make a difference, people need to understand and care about the issues that are rapidly affecting all habitats.  Implementing reductions and conserving resources will also lessen the negative impact that humans have on the environment.

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