Can electric vehicles completely replace conventional cars?



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    I think that eventually electric vehicles would be able to replace conventional cars, but it would take quite a while for this to happen.  Part of the reason why electric vehicles are not thriving in the United States is that there is not an infrastructure to support them.  With the proper setup I am sure that eventually this is possible.

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    Personally I don’t think they ever will completely replace conventional cars. Too many people are too reliant on gasoline powered cars and many people do not like to change their habits. In addition, electric cars are much more expensive than gasoline cars. Even if today we stopped producing gasoline cars, people would keep their old cars, and those cars would stay around for years. Many would be destroyed after awhile of course but some would remain as antiques. Driving on the street today you still see cars from decades ago. My dad still drives a metropolitan from the 50s!

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