Can the effects of global warming be reversed?



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    There is an article cited that goes through the debates of several parties discussing the the question at hand.  With the technology that we have currently, we cannot really repair and sustain the ozone.  There is one argument that is completely far-fetched that states that we should build a space-ring around the Earth in order to protect it, and keep atmosphere inward.

    Currently, there is no real solution to reversing global warming, and not really even a solution to prevent it completely.

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    The ozone is constantly losing and gaining materials, that’s how it’s always been.  Our ‘greenhouse’ gases simply tilt the balance, and cause more ozone to be lost than is gained.  In theory, if we could stop our carbon emissions, the balance would eventually even back out – no one can estimate exactly how long this would take, however.  But it’d be like stealing eggs from a henhouse (apologies for the possibly terrible analogy) – if you’ve been stealing all the eggs for days, then stop stealing the eggs, eventually egg production will get back to normal.

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    Global climate change is an ongoing problem.  The earth has its natural patterns of ice ages and glacial receding.  However, emissions have greatly exacerbated and speeded up the process of natural melting to the point of vast devastation.  I don’t think we can ever reverse the damage done, far too many habitats and animals have already perished.  We can slow melting down by raising awareness and getting worldwide cooperation in reducing emissions.

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    The absorption of CO2 by plant life is constantly stemming the tide of greenhouse emissions – though these emissions today have reached levels never before seen. Curbing emissions and promoting forest growth will move the world closer to the balance that “joelmichaelcoffman” mentioned, but whether or not it’s already too late is far from clear.

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