Is asphalt bad for the environment?



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    Large paved areas — parking lots, neighborhood developments — end up being bad for the the environment because of chemical runoff.  Liquids from cars and waste collect in these areas, and when it rains, that water is usually diverted to woodland areas.

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    Additionally asphalt captures heat which adds to the climate change problem and global warming. Instead of the heat radiating back into space it is captured by the asphalt. Additionally, often large ecosystems and the wild is cleared out to make way for asphalt pavement.

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    The addition of more and more asphalt also indicates a growing number of cars being driven around polluting up the environment. Also, the more parking lots, the less space available for trees, which can help depollute the environment. In addition, the asphalt prevents rainwater from soaking into the ground, which would, if soaked up, replenish the water supply in natural streams and aquifers. There is another effect called “urban heat island.” Asphalt retains more heat than most other objects, so in turn, the temperature around parking lots will raise a few degrees.

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