Are wild pine nuts better than store bought ones?



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    Ah yes, they are. Store bought pine nuts are from China (and usually are ridiculously expensive), and every so often you get a nut that gives you the dreaded (if you’ve ever had it, I have and trust me, it sucks) Pine Mouth. Pine mouth makes everything you eat and/or drink absolutely revolting, even something usually delicious.
    However, they’re a bit touch to get a hold of. Once open pine nuts generally go quickly due to waiting birds and squirrels, so it’s best to get them unopened so you can wait until they open. This can be done 1 of 2 ways, the best is usually climbing the tree to get the nuts but you can also try shaking it. The nuts have a shell around them that you need to open, and be weary that they may have gone rancid… especially on warm days.

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