Are there other places you can visit other than the Aulavik National Park?

This has to do with geography and plains



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    Is there any way you could be a little bit more specific in terms of what you’re looking for? Certainly there are other places in the world to visit other than the Aulavik National Park. If you’re strictly talking about Canadian National Parks, there are over 40 national parks, which can be found in the link provided.


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    Hmmmmm…..interesting question since in Inuvialuktun, Aulavik means “place where people travel,” so the question must be..”Are there places you can travel other than the places where  people travel?”  So the answer is clearly…NO.  Because if no one goes there, you will not go there either.  Now if you want to go some place where other people DO travel, Manitoulin island is very nice.

    Aulavik, meaning “ place where people travel
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