Are there other animals that can be controlled by chili fences? Also, are there other regions of the world where chili fences could be used to promote sustainability?



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    At this time, it is unknown if the peppers are irritating to other large animals. The reason for this is that other large animals either do not invade fields to consume crops (giraffes, hippopotami), or they are so rare that there have not been any instances to test them (rhinoceros). Also, one of the reasons capsacin peppers are so irritating is that it triggers mucus membranes in the trunk, a symptom that is obviously unique to elephants.

    Since the technology seems to be unique to preventing destruction to elephants, there are not any areas other than Africa and Southeast Asia where it would be applicable. However, equally ingenious organic pest control methods are being utilized around the world. Bamboo, for example, is being propagated for use as a living fence for gardens and fields, since it is unpalatable to most species. Marigolds are another example, as they have been found to be ideal companion plants for fruits and vegetables. Insects, such as aphids and several species of beetle, find marigolds to be quite tasty, so much so that they will ignore fruits and vegetables that are growing nearby. 

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