Are there any water bottles that are petroleum free?



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    Yes, there are water bottles that are petroleum free.  Most plastic water bottles are made with petroleum, which in addition to producing harmful greenhouse gases during manufacturing, can actually leak into the water they contain if temperatures rise or fall too far.  These bottles are overflowing our landfills.

    The BEST way to solve this right now is to use aluminum water bottles with your own tap water filter.  Green Planet also makes a 100% petroleum-free water bottle from plants, which is fully compostable.  Green Planet also offers to buy back its bottles – since they have no harmful chemicals, they can be reused and resold with no harm.

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    Playing devil’s advocate, aluminum of course requires petroleum to fuel the vehicles that mine the bauxite and ship it from Jamaica, Australia, etc to the US; it requires huge amounts of electricity (generated not by burning much oil, but by burning coal and natural gas and using uranium) to refine bauxite into aluminum, and further fossil fuels to manufacture and ship that final product.

    Plants in general require fossil fuels to plant seeds and harvest them, and they require things like fertilizers, mined from the earth (or in the case of ammonia manufactured from natural gas).

    I’m NOT saying anything against the good suggestions in the other answer!

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