Are there any truth to zodiac signs?



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    This is such a contentious and multi-faceted debate that it really comes down to your opinion. Astrological prediction and study stretches back thousands of years and can be traced to Egypt, Babylon, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Rome, and so on. In a lot of ways, the approach to astrology is like a science- it is based on thousands of years of observation and study in the hopes of making accurate predictions about events, weather, and other flows of energy.

    Although different cultures have different figures on the zodiac, what is consistent among them all is a belief that there is a connection between the events on earth with the events in the heavens. Ancient people- and many contemporary astrologists in China and India today- have studied astrology like a science and their approach is little different from the kind of scientific theories we might have. In fact, our own scientific understandings are often disproved, so again- these kind of belief systems are always a matter of opinion! In fact, much of our modern language stems from a time when zodiac or elemental signs ruled our understanding of the world. Words like jovial, saturnine, lunatic– these all come from associations of humans with various astrological bodies.

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    One problem with the truth behind Zodiac signs is that their position in the sky has shifted from where many of these calculations have been made.  The original astrological calculations were made 2,600 years ago, and since then many signs have shifted almost a full rotation West.  This is caused by the wobble in the Earth’s axis due to the gravitational tugs of the moon and the sun.  If we are to believe in the significance of our Zodiac signs, then I would recommend looking at this updated list to see which sign you actually were under when you were born.

    Aries 4/19 to 5/13

    Taurus 5/14 to 6/20

    Gemini 6/21 to 7/20

    Cancer 7/21 to 8/10

    Leo 8/11 to 9/15

    Virgo 9/16 to 10/30

    Libra 10/31 to 11/22

    Scorpio 11/23 to 11/29

    Ophiuchus 11/30 to 12/17

    Sagittarius 12/18 to 1/19

    Capricorn 1/20 to 2/15

    Aquarius 2/16 to 3/11

    Pisces 3/12 to 4/18

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