Are there any trees in California that are invasive species?



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    According to the California Invasive Plant Council, there are several invasive trees in California. Some of the most problematic are Myoporum, Brazilian Pepper, Tree of Heaven, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Russian Olive, Salt Cedar, Chinese Tallow Tree, and Single Seed Hawthorne. 

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    In addition to the species listed above, the Giant Dracaena, also known as the New Zealand cabbage tree, was originally introduced to California as an ornamental tree used in landscaping, but began to spread outside of private gardens as birds spread the seeds and is now found in Salt Point State Park and the Redwood National Park. The Canary Island Date Palm is also a problematic invasive species in southern California. The palm has very dense leaves that prevent other plants from growing on the ground beneath the tree.

    Here, you can see the density of the Canary Island Date Palm’s canopy.

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