Are there any studies that track the movement of pollution?



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    Quite a few, when it comes to the Pollution Control Acts that were put in place in the recent years.  If you want more on those acts, click the link of the first citation.  There are scientists who are even studying the sun in order to track pollutants.  Check out the second cite for that!

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    Information from NASA satellites has been used in various studies to track the movement of pollution. One of the more recent studies (done by the University of Illinois, Champaign) tracked the composition of air pollution in India for over a decade using data from NASA’s Terra spacecraft. It showed that while India has very high year-round levels of pollution, the composition of that pollution changed at certain times of year. Before and during the monsoon season, winds blow dust (a natural pollutant) from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Manmade pollution builds up during and after the monsoon season. And in winter, much of the pollution gets blown out to sea.

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