Are there any start/stop cars available in America?



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    The Saturn Vue Hybrid, Saturn Aura Green Line, and the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid all have stop-start engines.  Unfortunately, all three of these models have been discontinued, so you would have to find a used one to buy.  The system will be used by American cars in the near future, and there are hopes that by 2016, half of the cars will have this system installed. 

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    BMW is working on a stop-start car for the U.S. that may be released as early as next year and from then on we should be seeing many more available models. They’ve already been producing such cars for European markets, where they are popular. The cars can be as much as 15% more fuel efficient then regular cars because they automatically switch off when the car is idling.

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    Available now are the BMW 1 and 3 Series models with a four-cylinder engine and manual transmission that are fitted with the Auto Start Stop function which helps reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.
    The Auto Start Stop function automatically switches off the engine when the car is at a standstill and in neutral, then restarts it as soon as the driver presses the clutch pedal again. For example, in a traffic jam or in stop-and-go traffic, simply putting the BMW into neutral and taking your foot from the clutch will activate the function. “Start Stop” on the Info Display signals that the engine has been turned off.

    The principle is simple: if the engine is not running, it cannot consume fuel.

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