Are there any museums dedicated to the environment?



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    The Biosphere Environment Museum in Montreal, Canada, is the only museum that centers on environmental issues in North America. It contains various exhibitions, events, and guided activities designed to engage people in issues such as sustainable development, biodiversity, climactic change, and responsible consumption. It even utilizes such eco-friendly technologies as solar panels, wind turbines, and wastewater treatment wetlands. This museum has been visited by more than 1.5 million people in the 15 years since it has opened.

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    There is a museum being designed in North Carolina called the Museum of Life and Environment. It is located on a river which helps educate about ecosystems and life cycles of water ways. It will also be equipt with classrooms and staff teachers.

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    The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is a museum devoted to a broad range of environmental, scientific, cultural, and historical topics. It features an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and a rainforest all under its roof, and its missions is to “explore, explain and protect the natural world.” The museum is geared toward making these topics easily accessible and fun to learn about, for children and adults alike. In addition, the building itself is certified LEED Platinum, making it a great example of using architecture and design in modern buildings to achieve energy efficiency.

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    The Museum of Natural History in New York is pretty fun. They have dinosaur skeletons and a lifesize model of a blue whale. I’ve included a list I found of other natural history museums and environmental museums.

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    The Environmental Art Museum is an entirely green museum because it is 100% based online!  This means no travel to the site, no general upkeep, and no wasting resources due to inefficiences on the site.  

    That being said, they are based out of Corte Madera in California which is slightly north of San Francisco.  Their artists (and their employees too) are located all over the world.  Some artwork can be visited but most art is posted on the web so that it can be enjoyed from near and far without clogging up a physical space. 

    They are also 100% volunteer run and their employees (or volunteers rather) work from home (saving even more resources) and only meet in person when necessary.

    As their website says, they are a “traditional museum turned inside out. Instead of visiting one big box filled with art we are many tiny boxes (monitors) encouraging visitors to go out to experience art in the context of their own communities and ecosystems”.

    Visit them at:

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