Are there any international agencies in charge of protecting wildlife?



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    While most of my generation would associate WWF with big oily wrestlers, overwrought storylines, and elbow drops, WWF actually stands for the World Wildlife Fund.  They are an international group that focuses on protecting wildlife through global conservation efforts.  Check their website, linked below, for more information on their programs in your area.

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    Although they are not agencies per se, groups such as the Nature Conservancy and the Natural Resources Defense Council also work towards protecting wildlife. By working with local communities, the Nature Conservancy has developed innovative ways of protecting the environment, including exchanging the debt of developing nations for preserving a country’s biodiversity. The core of the National Resources Defense Council consists primarily of lawyers, scientists, and other professionals which help influence laws to protect wildlife worldwide. 


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    The Wildlife Conservation Society works internationally to protect wildlife and wild places. WCS has been very influential for the fight of the tiger, by advocating for the combination of efforts between Russia and China. WCS works with scientists, governments, and other non-government organizations to create animal and habitat protection.

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