Are there any hydrogen powered cars?



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    Yes there are, but none are available for purchase by the public yet. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, so it makes a lot of sense to have it made into energy.

    The earliest hydrogen car created was the Revolution, manufactured by Fiberforge.

    There are also other models of hydrogen-powered cars: Mercedes’ F600 Hygenius Concept Car, Honda’s unnamed hydrogen car, Toyota’s FINE-S.

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    Yes, but hydrogen cars are still in the experimental stage.  As of 2009, only 200 of them exist in the United States.  Hydrogen cars cost upwards of $300,000, as they are not mass-produced. Not to mention that only a few dozen places exist in the US where a Hydrogen car can refuel. Lots more research and engineering needs to be done to make hydrogen cars a reality, unfortunately.

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