Are there any fish that you should not eat off the coast of southern California because of the toxins in their body?



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    There aren’t specific fish, that should be watched out for, but most any fish caught directly off of the coast are bound to be polluted.  The southern California coast is known to have polluted waters for all wildlife in the area.

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    There does not seem to be any fish so polluted it should be avoided by everyone; rather, fish are polluted to various degrees, and as such can be eaten more or less often. The types of fish that should not be eaten often depend on your age and the location where the fish were caught. Children 1-17 years old and women 18-45 years old are more suceptible to pollutants in fish than men over 18. The area between the Santa Monica Pier and the Seal Beach pier contains the most polluted fish. Less polluted waters include the area between Ventura Harbor and Santa Monica Pier and the area between Seal Beach Pier and San Mateo Point. In general, fish which should not be eaten very often include barracuda, black croaker, white croaker, topsmelt, and barred sand bass.

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