Are there any e-book libraries?



  1. 0 Votes is an excellent site that acts as a largely catalogued e-book library.  Everything from Thomas Wolfe to Thomas the Tank Engine, I would highly recommend checking it out.

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    Another good suggestion would be, which has over 14,000 books alone.  If you are looking for free ebooks, a good place to check out would be  Also, consuly your public library (both in-person and online), as many have links to databases of several ebooks.

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    Project Gutenburg is a huge consortium of books with elapsed copyrights. I prefer it for my classics and arcane books as each book is copied over to e-format by real people, and therefore is visually well-formatted and indexed. The texts also come in a variety of e-formats, so you can almost always find a copy compatible with your e-reader.

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