Are there any countries that are offsetting a large percentage of their carbon either through paying for carbon offsets or planting trees?



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    Well globally countries are beginning to recognize the current climate crisis and are attempting to go green. There are carbon offsets that help businesses, companies, and countries offset the already set carbon cap that they are allowed to emit. Although few, some countries are going carbon neutral. Meaning, they will have a net zero carbon footprint by balancing between amount emitted and amount offset. The country of Maldivia was the first, not long after five more countries have planned to commit to becoming carbon neutral. Antigua & Barbuda, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, the Maldives, the Marshall Islands and Samoa took a pledge on July 18, 2010 to pursue this development.

    There are programs out there that reduce countries carbon footprint and many companies that are investing in carbon credits. In fact, some poor families in India make money selling carbon credits to people/businesses trying to reduce their footprint.

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