Are there any companies that have achieved packaging sustainability?



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    Certain companies have acquired sustainable aspects of their packaging process. Hasbro will eliminate plastic wire ties from their shipments beginning next year, while Coca-Cola and KFC recently received awards at the 2010 Asia Sustainable Packaging Summit for avoiding waste and recycling materials during packaging. This past July, a conference of 30 major corporations was held in Paris. The goal: to establish a universal standard for sustainable packaging, based on factors such as weight, recycling rates, virgin content and shelf life. Participants included PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, SC Johnson, General Mills Target and Colgate-Palmolive. 

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    Some of the most promising efforts in packaging sustainability by a company is Unilever which has plans to achieve 100% packaging sustainability by 2020. They have redesigned their packaging into more efficient units and plan to obtain all of their material either through sustainable sources or recycled material by the goal year. Furthermore, Unilever is poised to contribute to local social/economic development in local areas where it obtains its raw materials, an aspect of ecological sustainability that is oft overlooked when sustainability awards are bestowed on companies. 

    Americans throw away tons of fast food trash every year so you might be interested in efforts by Burgerville. It is the fast food chain with the most sustainable packing, with 85%, having switched to compostable cups and lids.

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