Are there any communities doing community composting in America?



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    There are many! In fact, there is a community composting program on the books in most major American cities, including (the sites I found): Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, Portland, Raleigh, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. The ‘going-green’ movement that has gained momentum in the last ten years is partially to thank, as more and more people are aware of how cost-effective and environmentally-friendly composting can be. 

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    Portland, OR offers composting for businesses  See the first citation below for a list of businesses participating.  Portland has also implemented a pilot program to collect food scraps from residences.  See the second citation below for details on that program.

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    I live in Seattle and there is a great city-wide community gardening program that includes composting options. It is called the P-Patch and, from it, you can see what a good urban composting program looks like. In addition, the city makes it easier to compost by offering information and equipment. See:

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