Are there any college classes that talk about movies and the environmental message behind them?



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    Sure, but not exclusively … there are plenty of college classes about films, and environmental messages in films are at least lightly covered.  Some of the most important environmental messages in film – The End of Suburbia, Gorillas in the Mist, Who Killed the Electric Car, and Blue Vinyl.

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    I took one class that was under Geology titled: Global Environmental Problems.  It was a pretty interesting class, taught from the perspective of a doctorate in Paleoclimateology (past climate).  One film that he showed was The Day After Tomorrow.  The assignment was to list 6 things shown in the film that were factually-based, and conversely 6 that were not factual/ improbable.

    I have not seen actually course-work in higher ed. that specifically looks at films with environmental themes, but I’m not sure that there are enough to satisfy an entire semester worth of info.  Also, I wonder what college dept it could fit under.  Geography? Geology? Biology?  Environmental Science?  Environmental Studies? 

    (this is assuming you are asking at a standard college university, not a trade school or private school concentrating on Sustainability related topics)


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    Gettysburg College has a course entitled ES 319- Environmental Film. This class studies “environmental films and their role in shaping environmental imaginations and actions in contemporary public life.” The types of films watched in this class include “Hollywood films about wildlife, wilderness, land use, technology and pollution, and documentaries on wildlife conservation, wilderness-adventure, and socio-nature themes.” However, this class requires a couple of prerequisite environmental studies courses. There also may be other classes in different colleges covering similar topics.

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