Are there any cities that are powered by geothermal energy alone?



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    Yes, there’s a small town in Oregon called Klamath Falls with population of about 20,000 people that has made the switch to geothermal energy. They use geothermal energy for pretty much everything, from heating buildings to providing lighting for the nearby college campus. The reason why this process works so well for this town is because they have all the things needed to sustain geothermal energy: water, hot rock close to the surface of the Earth, and cracks in the rock that can be used as a reservoir. 

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    Klamath Falls is heated using geothermal energy, an exciting and admirable project. But “power” in the original question would, I assume, also mean things like electric power, and none of Klamath Falls’ electricity is generated using geothermal energy. Nor are (as far as I can tell) any of the vehicles driven there powered by geothermal energy (or anything other than the usual, mostly gasoline).

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