Are there any animals that switch sex?



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    Absolutely.  In the deserts of Australia, bearded dragon lizard eggs can change sex if the temperature gets to high.  This is due to the heat repressing the development of certain sex defining genes.  Now, the two-banded anemone fish can actually change sex while it’s swimming around.  Instead of performing territorial scare tactics to ward off other males of the same species, if a male anemone fish encounters another, it simply begins the process of changing sexes to facilitate breeding. 

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    Clownfish are able to change their sex and this is a very important part of reproduction for the species. All clownfish are born males, and eventually some become female. This is determined by strength and size as the largest, strongest adult clownfish will become female for breeding. The second largest will become the designated male breeder, and all the rest will remain juveniles. 

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    Some snails change sex depending on environmental conditions.  If for some reason the sex ratio is not at equilibrium, and snails are having a hard time finding mates, then they will change to accommodate the offset ratio.  This ability to change sex ensures that they will always reproduce.

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