Are there any animals that are being negatively affected by pollution?



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    There are many species that are being affected, and some will go into extinction without humans even knowing they existed.  The Arctic and Antarctic climates are warming considerably fast due to pollution raising global temperatures.  Polar bears are drowning off the coast of Alaska and Canada because the pack ice they normally swim to in the autumn is too far off shore.  What used to be a 20 mile swim is now more than 100 miles. 

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    Animals of all types have been affected by pollution for decades!

    Literally every type of pollution affects the animal world in some way, namely because all pollution affects the environment in which they (and we) live.  Chemicals in the air affect any animal that breathes air, water pollution affects the entire marine food chain … even pesticides and oil spills on land affect the animals around them.  Human pollution has been the main direct cause for animal endangerment and extinction.

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    Many, many animals are affected by pollution. Water pollution, for example, harms many forms of life but most directly affects fish. Noise pollution will give fish stress which prevents mating. Plastics and debris in water may be mistaken for food, and fish will die when it cannot be digested. Oil sticks to the fur and skin of sea mammals and inhibits their ability to stay warm. In 2003, sewage which was accidentally leaked into fishing waters in York killed thousands of trout and perch, among other species, because it soaked up oxygen in the water. 

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    there are allot of animals that are effected by pollution, like the polar bear. becuase of pollution, the ozone layer has a growing hole in it and thats causing global warming. and is making the ice melt and temperatures crow and it is making it harder for polar bears to live.

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