Are scientist really trying to recycle urine?



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    Well, researchers in” Bristol Robotics Lab (BRL), a collaborative UWE/University of Bristol research facility” They are trying to find a way to use urine as “the ‘fuel’ for Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs), which use bacterial cultures to break down ‘food’ to create power. MFCs are a developing technology used to power autonomous robots.”

    The researchers are already in contact with a “waterless urinal company who have seen the potential of the technology.” In the article I read a man named Marcus Rose who is representing Ecoprod Technique says, “Ecoprod Technique is a urinal company dedicated to the environmental benefits that our waterless urinal provides. We have talked to the researchers who say this product is the only type totally suited to complement this research.

    The researcher are hoping that their finding will help advances in areas that could provide a “significant contribution to the challenges we currently face in terms of energy production and waste clean up. We hope this research will help change the way we think about energy and human waste.”


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