Are peas easy to grow in your garden?



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    Peas are fairly easy, but recommended in climate zones that average around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are many varieties, and the time it takes each kind to produce pods differs.  Most can be planted from March to June and take at least 12 weeks until harvest time.  Early peas and snow peas are two of the more popular types to grow.

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    They are pretty easy. They enjoy something to climb on such as a fence or bamboo sticks. They do not require much fertilization, as they get their nitrogen from the atmosphere. If you over fertilize them, you will get more leaves than peas. Moisture should be moderate. They grow best in sun to partial sun. Overall, they are pretty hardy. But avoid high winds!


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    I would definitely recommend growing peas, particularly snow peas as they are sweet and crunchy and much better fresh than from a store. In fact they are growing in my garden as we speak. Peas require a solid trellis to vine up and should be picked regularly to ensure constant production. High in Vitamin C, A, protein, and fiber, these are serious vegetables, definitely worth growing. I eat them all the time in salads and stir-fry’s. They will nitrogen-fix your soil, so including them in a garden crop rotation is a good idea.

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    Very easy to grow in the garden provided the soil is fairly rich in organic matter, well drained, and free fron rodents.

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