Are the new ECO blocks, made to burn in place of firewood, green? What exactly are they made from and how many BTU’s can I expe



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    According to ECO Block themselves, they are environmentally friendly and additive free compressed hardwood blocks made from 100% recycled, densified wood. It has 1.5 the BTUs of normal wood and it burns two and a half hours longer.

    Looking outside the source, as a golden rule you shouldn’t trust sales pitches and do your research, they seem to live up to their standards.

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    Many ECO blocks are constructed of hardwood waste in the form of sawdust, which is compressed at high pressures to create solid boards. Some companies claim their blocks are “carbon- neutral”. The company Bio Block explains this status as such: The blocks “(contain) a certain amount of carbon absorbed from photosynthesis. When burned, Bio Blocks release the same amount of carbon from previous absorption.” Without any harmful chemicals added or released in burning, the blocks are truly a sustainable alternative. As far as BTU’s, one company claims their blocks produce the same BTU output as coal, with 1 pound producting approximately 8,500 BTUs of heat. 

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