Are green roofs much heavier than traditional roofs?



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    The greenest roofing material is metal roofing. If you’ve ever been in a building while it was raining and the rain was super loud then it had a metal roof. It’s greener because it lasts longer and has no toxic little pellets that eventually wear off.

    It seems like metal roofs would be heavier and harder to install but this is not the case. Metal roofs are lighter than the standard asphalt roof tiles.


    If by green roof you mean a roof with plants growing on top then yes, the roof will be much heavier. The house still needs a waterproof roof plus a layer of soil on top.

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    There are two categories of green roof. Intensive green roofs have thick layers of soil 6 inches or more and can therefore support a larger variety of plant sizes but are much heavier. Extensive green roofs are less heavy because they require a soil layer of 6 inches or less to support ground cover like grasses or turf. Retrofitting a home for an intensive green roof requires structural analysis that must consider both dead and live loading because of the changing moisture saturation of the growing medium and the plant growth. Intensive green roofs can increase loads by as much as 200 pounds/square foot. An extensive green roof will increase the load by between 14 and 35 pounds/square foot and therefore will require much less retrofitting in well constructed homes.

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    This depends on what you define as a green roof, which I imagine you are referring to a roof garden.

    Traditional green roof gardens were typically installed over existing roof membrane. So, of course these roofs added extra weight for the building to handle.

    However,  cost efficient alternative to traditional roof gardens are on the market today and carry less of a load. Roof gardens have only been in the U.S. for about 10 years, so these systems are constantly improving.

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