Are fresh water supplies reducing all over the world?



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    When it comes to water, short supply is not the real issue. The problem is gaining access to clean water. 2.6 billion people do not have access to clean water. The majority of those who lack access are living on $1-$2 a day. Other countries rely on streams that pass through hostile nations first, causing political issues. There are projections that within the next 40 years water supply will become a larger issue than it is today, and this is due to expanding population and bad sanitation. 95% of cities dump their sewage into their water supply, and climate change could make matters worse. 

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    The highest rates of groundwater depletion were found in some of the world’s major agricultural centers such as northwest India, northeastern China, northeast Pakistan, and the Midwestern United States. In the last 40 years the world’s consumption of water has more than doubled. Scientists estimate that if the water in the Great Lakes were depleting at the same rate as the groundwater, they would dry up in around 80 years.

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