Are fans a more efficient way to cool your home than air conditioning?



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    unless you have one in evary room

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    Air conditioners are more technologically advanced than fans and therefore can cool a larger space with less energy.  Running an air conditioner in a average size house actually uses less energy than one would think.  The energy used by an air conditioner could be compared to that of a small refrigerator, and most people don’t have a problem running their fridge 24/7.  But in reality, we don’t need to cool a whole house in order to remain comfortable during hot weather.  A well placed fan will use much less energy but can be just as effective.  Fans cost less, use less energy, and are manufactured with significantly less environmental damage.

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    Fans intend to stair the air not necessarly cooling it, depending on what climate are you live in, you may consider adding  Fresh Aire intake, or just turining on the fan in the A/C unit… other ideas in the link below

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