Are electric cars very expensive?



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    Electric cars are more costly than standard cars because of the price of the battery. But they are beginning to become more affordable, especially with the federal tax refund of $7,500 that is credited to electric car buyers. The Chevy Volt this year cost only $25,000 after the federal write off. Plus, if the buyer lives in California, they get another $5,000 written off. So the price would come down to $20,000- thats way more accessible  to a lot of people in the U.S.

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    As mentioned above, what makes electric cars so expensive is their battery. some batteries can cost up to $17,000 dollars. Willaim Colton, Exxonmobil’s vice president for corporate strategic planning believes that there needs to be a breakthrough in battery technology, so that batteries will not be so expensive. Colton believes that one way to address carbon dioxide emissions, is to improve the internal combustion engine’s performance. Electric cars are a great concept, but with it costing a lot, and with some cars not having the incentives like the ones mentioned above, it may be difficult for people to purchase one.

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