Are coffee cups that I get at starbucks and other coffee shops recyclable?



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    Definitely! They are made of coated paper and cardboard: easily recyclable and even compostable materials.  What some people even do, is just save the cup, wash it, and use it again.  It’s insulated well, and coated on the inside to protect from degradation of the materials.  Starbucks is sure trying to facilitate green usage of their cups.

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    Some coffee cups are recyclable, yes.  Starbucks cups are NOT recyclable – they are definitely reUSABLE, however.  If you have to have your Starbucks fix but want to help the environment, keep the cup and use it on your next visit.  Starbucks is working to create a recyclable cup, and their stores recycle very well overall (regarding day-to-day materials), but the cups themselves are not recyclable.

    Verbatim from Starbucks:  “Starbucks white paper cups, used for hot beverages, are made of paper fiber and the industry standard liner (low-density polyethylene plastic). The paper provides the rigidity for the cup, while the plastic layer keeps the paper layer intact by protecting it from the hot beverage. This plastic layer also makes the hot beverage cups unrecyclable in most paper recycling systems. We are continually evaluating alternatives to the current plastic coating, and are currently conducting life cycle assessments for bio-based plastics.”

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    If it is made out of plastic and has a number on the bottom (1-7), it is recyclable. Generally, most areas accept plastics marked with a 1 or 2. Some accept all seven numbers, but it is best to check to see what is accepted in your area. Also, as other users suggested, you could always reuse the cup.

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