Are caps and gowns a problem for the environment?



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    The caps and gowns worn every year by graduating students are, over all pretty bad for the environment. That’s because they use up environmental resources and fuel to produce and, generally speaking, are worn only once. Since the industry needs continuous business to stay viable, it does not encourage “handing down” caps and gowns to succeeding generations, and instead markets them as a memorabilia item. However, most cap and gowns eventually make their way to the trash, where they are not recycled. Most are made of polyester (which takes decades to decompose) and take up valuable space in landfills.

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    Most graduation caps and gowns are made from polyester. This material is a polymer-a plastic, and as such carries all of the environmental negatives that plastic has (it doesn’t decompose easily, production emits a lot greenhouse gasses, etc.). Therefore, traditional caps and gowns do have a negative impact on the environment, especially since most caps and gowns are only worn once. It is better to try and rent a used set, that way the environmental impact is lessened. There are also alternatives to wearing a traditional cap and gown, such as making it yourself out of earth-friendly fabrics.

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