Approximately how many chickens were produced for consumption worldwide in 2009?



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    It is thought that about 49 billion chickens are consumer worldwide every year, so somewhere around that number would be accurate for 2009 specifically.

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    While it is virtually impossible to accurately measure the number of chickens produced, there are statistics in place to note how many chickens are currently living. It is estimated there are 70 billion chickens currently living worldwide; these can be divided into four categories, egg-layers, breeders, male chicks and broilers. The numbers break down like this: egg-layers – 5 billion; breeders – est. 200 million; male chicks – 35 billion; and broilers – 35 million. Over half of the broilers come from three countries: Brazil, China and the US. 

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    In 2007, the United States produced 42.7 billion pounds of poultry for consumption, 36.6 billion of that, being chicken. It is estimated that every year, for the last 10 years, demand has increased by 5.6%! Sticking with that estimate, in 2009 there would have been approx 40.26 billion pounds of chicken produced for consumption.

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