Is aluminum foil, saran wrap, or plastic bags more eco friendly?



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    They are all pretty harmful to the environment. Plastic wrap is made from petroleum and pollutes the oceans if disposed of improperly. The production of aluminum also has a large footprint, since it must be mined and processed. The best option is to buy recycled aluminum foil or plastic wrap if available.

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    All of these items can actually be recycled as well.  Clean plastic wrap and bags can be recycled in grocery store plastic bag recycling programs.  These programs will also take dry cleaning plastic, plastic newspaper bags and bread bags.  Aluminum foil, if clean can be recycled in your curbside recycling program if it accepts metal.  Also, while recycled aluminium foil can be more expensive, it really is the best choice, because metals can be recycled infinitely – while plastics can not.  

    Best thing you can do: buy some reusable food storage containers – glass or BPA free plastic and use these instead of single use storage materials.  Also, there are reusable sandwich pouches you can buy that can be washed and used hundreds of times.

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    I’d say all of them have potential to be dangerous to the environment if not disposed properly. Animals can suffocate inside plastic bags or accidentally digest saran wrap. I prefer to use tupperware to store my goodies!

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    It also depends on home they are disposed of.  Aluminum foil will persist for many years if discarded outdoors or buried in a landfill.  Plastic bags break down if dumped where they are exposed to sunlight and weather but are almost as persistent as aluminum foil if buried.

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      You are correct that plastic will break down if exposed to sunlight. But, plastic will never become soil; it will just become tiny pieces of plastic. Plus where can we dispose of plastic bags where they are exposed to the sun? Definitely not a landfill. Both aluminum and plastic are recyclable – don’t trash valuable materials

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