Reopen Abandoned Water Contamination Investigations


Target: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy

Goal: Reopen abandoned investigations into contaminated water

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shut down three investigations into contaminated water over the past year even though it already had data showing that the water was polluted. Instead of doing its job and protecting the people from harmful contaminants in their water, the EPA gave in to pressure from oil and gas companies and abandoned the investigations.

In Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Texas, the EPA shut down its water investigations that were designed to locate possible signs of contamination caused by nearby fracking. Thanks to whistleblowers, it was revealed that the EPA had already obtained evidence that showed the water in all three of these areas was contaminated. However, the EPA still shut down the investigations due to pressure from the oil and gas industries, which did not want their harmful practices to be exposed so they could continue poisoning people and animals for profit.

In the past two years, around 900 complaints of contaminated water were registered in the state of Pennsylvania alone. Also in Pennsylvania, the water downstream from a treatment plant was tested and shown to contain 200 times more radium than normal, making the water a hotbed for radiation. In addition to contaminating streams and drinking water, fracking in the United States has generated 280 billion gallons of toxic waste water in 2013 alone—enough to flood the entire city of Washington D.C. under 22 feet. Fracking is a dangerous process that harms humans and the earth. This unnecessary process should be banned and oil and gas companies must shift their focus to renewable, sustainable energy.

By signing this petition, you will help urge the EPA to reopen its water contamination investigations and protect people, animals, and the environment from toxic fracking.


Dear Ms. McCarthy,

The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to protect the environment and people from harmful pollutants and chemicals. However, in the towns of Dimock, Pennsylvania, Pavillion, Wyoming, and Weatherford, Texas, water contamination investigations were shut down. We now know that the EPA had scientific data showing that the water in these three areas was contaminated, but chose to ignore this evidence and abandon the investigations.

Instead of protecting oil and gas corporations’ interests, the EPA should do its job and protect the people and the environment. Please reopen these investigations, protect the people from fracking, and expose the greedy, harmful practices of the oil and gas industry.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: maven2379 via Wikimedia Commons



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