Stop Luxury Cruise from Destroying Arctic Glaciers

8-11-14 polar bear

Target: Crystal Cruises President Edie Bornstein

Goal: Disband planned luxury cruise that will rapidly destroy the environment and increase glacial melting

Recently, Crystal Cruises President Edie Bornstein announced a new luxury cruise set to launch 2016. The ship will follow the Northwest Passage which takes passengers from Alaska to New York in just 32 days. It will cost each guest up to $40,000 to have a front-seat view of the deteriorating Arctic ice. What’s worse is that they will be contributing to the ruination: the cruise will produce more than triple the amount of carbon than that of a 747 airplane per person, per mile. Petition to halt this cruise from happening to help save the environmental habitats, and animals whose lives depend on those arctic regions.

The Northwest Passage has long been too narrow for cruise ships, mainly due to ice buildup. The recent years of climate change have greatly decreased the quantity of ice, leaving a clear path for a ship to make its way through. Passengers are promised guided tours of the diverse wildlife they will see: polar bears, penguins, elks, and wolves, to name a few. For a habitat that’s already in such delicate balance, the last thing it needs is tourists. Loud, polluting, littering, disrupting tourists, to be precise. Wrappers carelessly tossed off the side of the ship, heavy boots trampling the homes of animals, a gigantic ship expelling fuel byproducts into the crisp Arctic air. All aboard!

Humans have made the entire world their playground. However, it is essential to understand that human beings—like every other living thing—are also part of a large, ecological system. This fact cannot be ignored. People can take, but they must also give. We should give these animals and this environment the chance to survive, instead of turning it into our own personal aquariums and zoos via the deck of a cruise ship. Say no to the Northwest Passage Crystal Cruise. Tell President Bornstein that the ecological balance of our planet is more important than a profit. Money won’t last forever, but our Earth should.


Dear President Bornstein,

I recently learned about the planned Crystal Cruise for 2016 through the Northwest Passage. While I understand the allure of touring a newly-accessible area, and seeing the breathtaking sights and animals, it is not worth the damage that will be done to their habitat. You see, this cruise will be destroying the very ice and snow that these animals need to survive.

As you must be aware, this cruise will produce triple the carbon than that of a 747 airplane, per mile and per person. This is quite an extensive footprint to leave behind for future generations. Frankly, this is not a cruise that the environment can afford. Please cancel this trip for the sake of the Arctic habitats and the animals that depend on it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Agrant141 via Wikimedia Commons



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