Save Turtles from Extinction


Target: President Xi Jinping of China

Goal: Urge protection of wild turtle species being forced into extinction

For thousands of years turtles have been used in holistic Chinese medicines and therapies to treat a plethora of ailments and diseases. From curing sexual incompetence to diminishing cancer cells, wild turtles are regarded as, more or less, a miracle drug.

Despite a strong lack of scientific evidence proving that turtle consumption correlates with any medicinal benefits, many people in China believe that turtles are essential for living a long and healthy life. With that being said, the demand for wild turtles coupled with China’s growing population has pushed many species towards the brink of extinction. Yellow pond turtles, Chinese three-striped box turtles and red-eared sliders are just a few of the wild turtle species facing rapid decline.

In traditional medicine, every part of the turtle is consumed, including the animal’s meat, skin, head, eggs, shells, and even their blood, urine and bile. Further, the animal’s bodily fluids are often used to make wines, while the other parts are eaten raw or ground up and boiled in water to make special teas. According to research from environmental and animal conservation groups, almost 90 percent of China’s modern day society depends on traditional Chinese medicine to cure coughs, ailments and other diseases. What’s more is that they are also supportive of the exploitation of turtles, including other wildlife, for their supposed medicinal benefits.

With China’s population inching towards a staggering 1.3 billion, and growing, the possibility of extinction for many wild turtle species becomes a sobering reality. To meet the demand for these majestic creatures, commercial turtle farming has also escalated as over-harvesting grows more prevalent.

As time moves forward, more than eight wild turtle species could be either extinct or dangerously close to it if China continues to exploit these reptiles. Sign the petition to save these animals from impending extinction.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

For almost 3,000 years turtles have been hunted, harvested and consumed by those who believe in the power of traditional medicine. Today, with China’s population reaching well over a billion people, the demand for these ‘magical’ reptiles has increased tenfold. As a result, many wild turtle species are facing extinction at the hands of fanatical medicinal traditionalists. Simply put, this over-harvesting and consumption must end now.

Turtles are an important part of the world’s ecosystem and to see them driven towards extinction is heartbreaking. There are many modern medicines that the people of China could be using that could result in long-term benefits, as well as answer the issue of turtle conservation. I hope that you consider that China has such a vast, untapped market for pharmaceuticals and understand the severity of the extinction of wild turtles.


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Photo credit: NDPetitt via morguefile



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