Applaud Travel Company for Banning Elephant Tours


Target: Justin Francis, co-founder and managing director of

Goal: Praise popular travel company for banning harmful elephant tours

The popular travel company has recently decided to boycott its elephant riding tours. Although these tours are immensely popular tourist attractions, they are harmful to elephants. Various organizations, such as the Humane Society of the US and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, for example, have  recently shed light on the abuse elephants have to undergo in order to learn how to accept riders. Young elephants are also taken away from their mothers at a young age. They are forced to endure horrible living conditions and are abused with bullhooks and spiked bamboo sticks. Due to these reasons, over an extended period of time, these animals will develop spinal conditions and extensive wear on tear on their feet.

Despite these facts, wildlife tourism is a largely profitable business. For the most part, however, people still seek out these attractions because of a lack of awareness. This is why has released the world’s first elephant travel guide. This guide enlightens tourists on how elephants rides can be harmful and also provides a searchable database that allows tourists to find volunteering opportunities or conservation projects. In this way, people who want to see elephants, can actually do so without harming them. will also no longer promote any trip which includes the opportunity to see trained elephant performances.

Applaud for taking this bold step. The company is setting an example for other travel and tourism sites around the world by saying no to elephant riding tours.


Dear Justin Francis, co-founder and managing director of,

Every year elephants are forced to undergo abusive training sessions and endure horrible living conditions in order to prepare for elephant riding tours.

Despite these facts, the wildlife attraction is still immensely popular with tourist around the world. For the most part, this is due to a lack of awareness. People do not get to witness the abuse that goes on behind the scenes. However, by banning elephant riding tours and creating the elephant travel guide, is helping to spread the message that elephant tours are cruel and inhumane.

Thank you for taking this initiative. This is an important step in the right direction to completely ban trained elephant performances altogether.

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Photo Credit: Greg Johnson via Wikipedia Commons



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