Protect Migrating Birds from Invisible-Glass Football Stadium

Migratory Bird

Target: Zygi Wilf, Minnesota Vikings Owner and Michele Kelm-Helgen, Chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

Goal: Prevent migratory bird deaths by installing visible glass in new stadium construction

The Minnesota Vikings are in the process of constructing a new stadium in the middle of a migratory bird corridor. While birds can obviously fly around obstacles, they can only protect themselves when they are able to see that something is in front of them. The current plans for the Viking stadium include 20,000 square feet of glass. This poses a huge problem for birds flying at high speeds. If the birds are unable to see that there is glass in front of them, they will crash into the glass wall and severely injure or even break their necks.

Many of the bird species that fly along the Mississippi River Flyway bird migration route are federally protected species. These birds will be directly affected and endangered by the construction of an invisible glass barrier in their path to and from spring breeding and winter foraging locations. The solution to the invisible glass problem is simple. Instead of using glass that the birds cannot see, the stadium can be built of a number of different visible types of glass including opaque, etched, angled, frosted, or printed glass.

The current construction of the Minnesota Vikings’ new football stadium could mean the death of countless federally protected birds. However, with your help we can stop the construction of an almost-certain death trap while at the same time allowing the continued construction of the new football stadium. Urge the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to use one of the many options of visible glass and prevent the deaths of precious migratory birds.


Dear Mr. Wilf and Ms. Kelm-Helgen,

You are in the process of constructing what looks to be a beautiful new football stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. However, the stadium in question is located in the middle of the Mississippi River Flyway bird migration route. The majority of the bird species that fly along this route are federally protected. The current plan for the exterior of the stadium greatly endangers all the birds that use this route to migrate to and from spring breeding and winter foraging grounds.

The problem with the exterior of the planned stadium is that the 20,000 square feet of glass planned to cover the stadium will be invisible to birds. The solution to this problem is quite simple. Please take a moment to consider an alternative type of glass for the exterior of the building. Glass that is etched, frosted, opaque, printed, angled, or patterned is visible to birds and the use of any of these types of glass could mean countless lives saved. I urge you to use visible glass on the new stadium and help ensure safe migration for a number of federally protected bird species.


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Photo Credit: Jason Quinn via Wikipedia



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