Encourage Protection of the Endangered Species Act

Cali Condor

Target: Tammy Baldwin, United States Senator

Goal: Urge the U.S. Senate to protect endangered species by not releasing critical information about them to the public

The United States House of Representatives (House) passed a measure that, if approved by the Senate and President, would require vital information about endangered species to be shared with the public. This measure was brought about due to an influx of flora and fauna additions to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Because of a potential increase in poaching and burdensome nature of the measure, it will likely not pass the Senate. Nevertheless, citizens must urge that this measure be dismissed indefinitely.

Climate change is affecting all life; flora, fauna and humans are struggling to acclimate to the earth’s unfamiliar mutations. With these unprecedented changes comes struggling species in need of extra protections in order to have a chance at sustaining numbers. It is no surprise that the ESA has become flooded with needy species. However, the House does not see matters this way. Representatives believe that Americans should have access to the valuable ESA database in attempts to monitor which species are on there and for what reasons. According to the Representatives, there are too many species on the ESA and surely not all listed are in desperate need of the act’s protection.

The Senate and the White House have mentioned that transparency of the ESA is not on the agenda, so this measure will not be passed. There are too many species at risk if the information contained on the ESA were to be made public. Poachers would have easy access to discovering endangered species habitat. Not to mention, more regulations on the ESA would only mean more hurdles for species in need, delaying valuable time necessary for saving species.

Americans must convince the government that the secrets of the ESA are understood and necessary. The species on the list must be protected in every way possible; exposing everything about the list, and what is on it, would only foster vulnerability. Commend the Senate and White House for plans to protect the ESA. Stand up for the vulnerable species on the list to ensure necessary help will always be given.


Dear Senator Baldwin,

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a measure titled the “21st Century Endangered Species Transparency Act.” The idea behind this piece of legislation is the tax-paying public would have access to critical information about species listed on the Endangered Species Act. The Representatives believe that there are too many species on the ESA, many of which surely do not need the act’s protection. However, the Senate and the White House understand the fragile nature of the ESA. If data contained within the list were to be released to the public, species would be vulnerable to poaching and not receive the help they desperately need.

Thank you for understanding the importance of the ESA’s secrecy. Transparency would only cost tax payers more money, as well as halt efforts to help flora and fauna in need. I want you to know that I do not desire transparency of the ESA, I desire healthy ecosystems. Please continue to protect the endangered species of America.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Massimiliano Sticca via Photopedia



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