Protect Wild Salmon Habitat from Mining

Sockeye Salmon

Target: Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy

Goal: Stop the opening of the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay is known for its pristine wilderness, a place that the wild salmon, and the Native American people of Alaska call home. Unfortunately, this place has been in danger of being drilled and mined in by various companies, and now a Pebble Mine is looking to be opened here by a foreign mining company. This region should not be damaged, and instead Bristol Bay must be protected.

A frigid place, Bristol Bay still boasts an impressive array of wildlife. The area supports more than 42% of the world’s salmon population, including the sockeye salmon, the King Salmon, and the rainbow trout. Other animals, such as the grizzly bear, wolves, moose, and caribou call this extremely harsh place home. With its breathtaking views of forests and mountains, clear water, and plethora of wildlife it is not wonder then that Native Americans also call this place home. There are over 7,500 Native American people who live in this region, made up of three different tribal groups.

If a Pebble Mine were to be built here, the effects would be catastrophic. It would be the largest open pit mine in the United States, stretching up to two miles. The toxic waste from this operation could leak into the streams and rivers of Bristol Bay, polluting and killing the wildlife and environment. The 35 billion gallons of water needed to run this operation would be taken from the rivers that salmon and other fish rely on to live. And all of this destruction would be done for the sole purpose of acquiring gold and copper. Urge the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States to stop this devastation, as the loss of our wildlife and environment is not worth the amount of gold and copper taken from this region.


Dear Gina McCarthy,

As you may well know, a foreign mining company wants to open a Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay. This region has been in danger of being mined and drilled in for decades, and it astounds me that there are still companies are there willing to make a profit off of our environment. This place is home to not just the sockeye salmon, but to the grizzly bears, wolves, waterfowl, otters, and Native American people.

I demand that this Pebble Mine not be opened in Bristol Bay, as it would spell disaster for the environment and its wildlife. Pumping 35 gallons of water from the streams and rivers would be devastating for our salmon and other living creatures. The mere fact that toxic waste would be stored on site is also alarming. What if this toxic waste were to leak into our streams and rivers? You are supposed to protect our environment and I urge you to do so by stopping this Pebble Mine.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Timothy Knepp via Wikimedia Commons



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