Follow Through With Creation of World’s Largest Marine Sanctuary


Target: President Obama

Goal: Ensure the creation of the largest marine sanctuary in the world

President Obama previously announced plans to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary, however, he is receiving intense opposition from Republicans and the powerful fishing lobby to downsize the scale of the Pacific Remote Islands Monument. President Obama needs to see that he has immense support from the citizens of the United States and of the world to protect this area of the Pacific Ocean.

The world’s oceans are in grave danger and frequently exploited. Whales, turtles, fish stocks, and marine plants have all seen population declines and endangerment. Pollution, chemical run-offs from factories and farms, global warming, and industrial exploitation all inhibit the healthy balance of the oceans. Scientists recommend protecting large expanses of oceans so that marine life can recover and prosper. President Obama’s plan was to do just that, but he is facing resistance.

Despite the precedent of environmental stewardship set by President George W. Bush Republicans in Congress are out to demonize Obama’s intentions. Bush created the original Pacific Remote Islands Monument and later a marine park off the coast of Hawaii, which was then the largest in the world, but Republicans forget these actions and call Obama’s plans “blatant disregard for possible economic consequences.” Naturally, it’s all about economic gain.

Creating a more expansive marine sanctuary would serve to protect marine life and the health of the Pacific Ocean. Commercial tuna fishing is purportedly the only industry that will see an impact from the marine sanctuary. Luckily, this industry only represents a minuscule fraction of a percent of the U.S. economy. Therefore, there is no reason to downsize the marine sanctuary. Tell President Obama he has your support in creating the largest protected area of ocean in the world.


Dear President Obama,

You previously announced plans to increase the size of the Pacific Remote Islands Monument. This would promote the protection of marine wildlife and help ensure a healthy ocean. However, you are currently receiving opposition from Republicans in Congress and the fishing lobby to change your plans for the marine sanctuary.

I urge you not to change your plans and to continue on with creating the largest marine sanctuary in the world. The tuna fishing industry, the only suspected industry to see an impact from a larger sanctuary, is only responsible for a small fraction of economic revenue in the U.S. Do not let this be the reason to stop expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands Monument. The world’s oceans can only recover and become healthy if large areas are protected. Marine life needs unadulterated habitats to survive and flourish. Please, expand the Pacific Remote Islands Monument.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via Wikipedia



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