Encourage Media Support for Biogas Energy


Target: Rachel Maddow, MSNBC host of The Rachel Maddow Show

Goal: Promote a biogas tax credit on The Rachel Maddow Show to garner more public awareness and support

Biogas is a carbon-neutral, organically derived compound that many countries are using as an alternative renewable fuel source. While there are some areas of development in America, expansion is needed. Senator Charles Schumer is supporting expanded federal tax credits for these facilities and is in need of public support so these measures can be passed.

Biogas is essentially produced when bacteria digests organic matter. Sources such as cow manure, landfills and unused produce can be harvested for use in obtaining these gases and produce electricity, heat and vehicle propulsion. If used in mainstream, biogas could essentially produce enough power to generate electricity for millions of homes throughout the United States. If cow manure were to be processed through this method instead of how it is currently disposed of, greenhouse gas could be reduced by 4 percent.

Currently, Germany is a world leader in the biogas industry. As of 2010, biogas supplied 12.6 percent of that country’s renewable electricity. The United Kingdom has approximately 13 non-sewage biogas plants, mostly on farms. In Sweden, concentrated biogas has been implemented to power city buses, replacing diesel-driven vehicles.

In America, there are already states realizing the role biogas can play in renewable energy. The Green Mountain Dairy in Vermont is part of the Cow Power program, generating enough renewable energy to power up to 350 homes. In Kansas, there is an ethanol plant that hopes to replace 90 percent of fossil fuel used in their manufacturing of ethanol.

Senator Schumer believes that by supporting biogas systems, the U.S. could create jobs while turning waste into power. Materials to be considered for use can include dairy and yogurt waste products, residential and restaurant waste, food processing factory waste as well as municipal wastewater. Senator Schumer has proposed expanding tax credits for this renewable energy but finds it a challenge because the general populace is not aware of the potential or the methods. Ask Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, to promote biogas tax credits.


Dear Ms. Maddow,

You consistently show support for new technologies and for alleviating our dependence on fossil fuels. You also set trends on what stories are covered in the media. I am writing to ask you to support the Biogas Tax Credit on your show.

Biogas production could provide a viable renewable energy for electricity, heat and transportation fuel. Through the processing of cow manure, we could reduce greenhouse emissions up to 4 percent. Biogas is organic and essentially carbon neutral. Encouragement of this renewable energy in America could not only produce much needed jobs in the energy sector but could likewise lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. Mainstream use has already been implemented in biogas buses in Sweden as well as active implementation of this fuel as a resource in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Senator Schumer is trying to garner support for expanded tax credits for biogas production but it seems not enough people know or understand the potential, the process or the benefits.

Please consider covering biogas systems and Senator Schumer’s move for expanded tax credits for this technology.


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Photo credit: Mr3641 via Wikimedia Commons



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