EPA Awards $2.25 Million to Companies Developing Green Technologies

Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded almost $2.25 million to ten separate small businesses.  All these companies are in the process of developing environmental technology.  This was the second time these specific companies were chosen to receive funding from the EPA through the agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.  

The SBIR program was established by the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982.  The goal of the program is to promote research and development by domestic small businesses who have an idea or product that could ultimately be commercialized.  Small businesses have been credited for creating between 60% to 80% of new job growth in the last decade, and this program enables them to continue developing their products.  The EPA is one of eleven federal agencies who participate in the program.  Other agencies are the Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Transportation, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.  All participating agencies are required to set aside 2.5% of their annual extramural research and development budgets, provided that those budgets exceed $100 million, for the program.  Awards given to small businesses (which must be US owned and based, and must employ fewer than 500 people) are broken down into two phases.

The awards given by the EPA yesterday were all Phase II awards, meaning that all ten chosen firms had previously received Phase I funding from the EPA.  According to the EPA, to receive Phase I funding, companies must be able to display “the scientific merit and technical feasibility of the proposed concept.” Companies can receive up to $80,000 for 6 months if the EPA deems the concept worthy.  After the technology has been successfully developed using Phase I funds, companies are eligible to compete for Phase II funding.  The goal of Phase II funding is for businesses to complete the development of the technology and to commercialize it.  Recipients are awarded up to $300,000 for two years.

Companies awarded funds today have created technologies in the areas of air pollution, emission reductions and biofuels, green building, greenhouse gases, homeland security, nanotechnology, and waste, with the winners haling from California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Oregon.

Recipient Summary

Aspen Products Group, Inc., Massachusetts, Phase II award: $225,000:

Eltron Research Inc, Colorado, Phase II award: $224,998:

Lao K, LLC, Oregon, Phase II award: $224,000:

Mobius Technologies, Inc, California, Phase II award: $225,000:

Technova Corporation, Michigan, Phase II award: $225,000:

Membrane Technology and Research Inc., California, Phase II award: $225,000:

Smart Polymers Research Corporation, Florida, Phase II award: $225,000:

Defiant Technologies, Inc, New Mexico, Phase II award: $225,000:

Instrumental Polymer Technologies, LLC, California, Phase II award: $225,000:

Intelligent Optical Systems Inc., California, Phase II award: $224,996:

Photo credit: kdheks.gov/kdsi/ard_toolkit.html



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