What is the Watchlist?

The watchlist allows you to track content on GreenAnswers that you find most interesting. You can add questions, as well as topics, to your watchlist. When you are “watching” a question, you will be notified whenever that question is answered. When you are watching a topic, you will be notified whenever there is a new question asked in that topic (or any of its sub-topics).

You can add questions to your watchlist by clicking on the ‘star’ icon that is found underneath the question title:


You can add topics to your watchlist by navigating to a specific topic page (such as http://greenanswers.com/topic/animals-wildlife) and clicking on the ‘star’ icon found next to the topic name:


Whenever there are updates to content you are watching, you will receive a message in your GreenAnswers inbox and will also be sent an email. You can modify all of your email preferences inside your profile page.