Is zoo news still available today?



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    The closest I can find is Zoo News Digest is that the organization you were thinking of? If it’s not that then it doesn’t look like it still exists.

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    There are definitely zoo-related news available today! Most major zoos have their own websites, which are usually updated with the latest news of the happenings within. 

    For example, The San Diego Zoo has a news site that focuses on the famous pandas that are featured there:

    You may want to look up your local/favorite zoo websites on a search engine and see what comes up! Or better yet, call them and ask. That may be your best option to obtain accurate and current news on zoos.

    For general zoo news, there is the previously mentioned blog, Zoo News Digest, which is “the longest established and most widely read listing of current ‘zoo’ related news on the internet”. You may want to check it out.

    Hope this helps!

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