Is Zip Car using electric cars?



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    Yes. Zipcar features an all-electric Citroen C1, and a Plug-In Toyota Prius. According to CEO Scott Griffith, “Zipcar has been integrating alternative vehicles into the fleet – giving our members the opportunity to push the envelope and evaluate a range of advanced-vehicle technologies. Our proprietary car sharing technology platform allows us to manage a variety of cutting-edge vehicles, serving hundreds of thousands of Zipsters who benefit from convenience, cost savings and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions.” (1).

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    Zipcar began testing the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle in its fleet in Boston, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. The cars, which won’t be commercially available until next year, are being tested in those markets to see if they do well and what the market reaction is to them, both in general as vehicles as well as their use as part of the Zipcar fleet.

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    In July of 2009, Zipcar launched it’s first EV pod in London featuring the all electric Citroen c1 and the plug in hybrid Toyota Prius. They plan to grow the EV pod to 400 vehicles by 2012, but don’t plan on an all electric fleet any time soon, due to the lack of charging stations and limited EV range. But as EV’s go more mainstream in the coming years, Zipcar plans to expand it’s electric fleet.

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