In your opinion will the destruction of our mountains by surface mining (MTR or Strip Mining) ever be curtailed?



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    I would like to say yes, but it is hard to see this practice coming completely to a stop. The money it would take to change the operations and find different ways of doing things would be the main reason that things would not change. I do think however that there will be a rise in sustainable mining as more and more companies are being pressured into being eco-friendly. 

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    There is a battle going on in West Virgina right now over a certain area, and a lot of people think the outcome might predict the future for at least mountain-top mining.

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    It’s hard to say if it will be eliminated completely, but I do think this practice will lessen over time.  There is so much pressure now to go green and be environmentally friendly that coal companies will eventually have to bow to these concerns.  Hopefully they will do this sooner rather than later.  Coal is still such a cheap source of power that it will be very difficult to stop this practice entirely without severe lash-back from coal companies and their backers. 

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